PRESS START - What would you say to someone starting now?

One way

1- You need to first make several prototypes of all kinds of games. The goal is to gain experience and increase the quality of your games. Because the games "more or less" do not make more profit.

2- Then you need feedback to know what is the quality and acceptance of your games. You can publish complete games on Kongregate, Newgrounds, etc.

3- After several games you create a portfolio. So you can already make games for businesses: educational games, advergames, etc. And with that get investment and some free time.

4- Finally, you can make the games you like to do. Or make games that have been tested and are accepted by the public.

5- What you can not do is start with the idea of ​​the game. Because in the beginning you can only make a pong or memory game. That they are simple games, but they have the same programming logic and the same design you will use the most elaborate games.

6- You do not need to think "if it works." You need "make it work". For this you first need to truly appreciate it. After doing the best courses, study and practice always. And not to get unmotivated need to walk with who does the same. Because, as they say, you are the average of the 5 people you walk.

7- First you need to stay at least 1 year only making prototype, simple game and game trash. Then you can think of really making a game. If you do not, you can end up like most, who gives up that first year, just for lack of motivation. Because they want to take steps higher than the legs and get frustrated and give up.

8- Create games is like a technical course. You need at least 1 or 2 years to make something decent. And the learning is like math: if you do not learn to add and divide right, then you will not know how to solve equations. And so your game will always end in bugs.

9- To form a team you need a game rated well in test market. When you are sure, based on data, that the MVP of a game has a future, then look to assemble a team.

10- Before, it is difficult to convince someone to work for free or invest in your game. Without this minimum guarantee of success, they also do not deliver what they promise and always let you down. And with the guarantee based on data, not on ideas, there will be some people willing to work with you or invest in your game.

11- And then, you can find investors or publishers. Or get investment Crowdfund. And you can publish on Google Play, Apple Store, Steam, Facebook, etc. And sell the game itself (Premium) or sell in-game items (Free-to-play).

12- Conclusion: Games is like any other area: first you need to know how to do, then need to know what to do with what you know.

Advanced Indie Developer Mindset

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