Learning Level Design with Super Dangerous Dungeons

This post presents the sequence of mechanics introduced into 45 levels of Super Dangerous Dungeons. For a better understanding you can follow the Game Play of the game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6NJa5uW_7M


0- Entrance in dungeon

WORLD 1 - Earth

1. Introduction of commands. Introduction of "fixed platform", "key" and "door". There is no way to die.

2. Introduction of "vertical mobile platforms" and "thorns".

3. Introduction of "blocks to push."

4. Introduction of "horizontal mobile platforms", "button" and "levers".

5. Introduction of "thorns mobiles."

6. Mix "thorns" and "levers".

7. Introduction of the "Saws patfinder". Mix of "thorns" and "levers".

8. Introduction of "horizontal mobile saws."

9. Introduction of "block fall".

10. Mix "blocks to push", "thorns" and "buttons".

11. Introduction of the "big boss rolling." Mix "fixed platform", "holes".

End of the first of four dungeon.

WORLD 2 - Water

12. Introduction of the "balls with thorns turning" and "floating blocks."

13- Mix "balls with thorns turning" and "floating blocks."

 14- Introduction of "water that rises and falls" and "thorns".

15. Introduction of "floating platform". Mix "water that rises and falls" and "thorns".

16- Introduction of "horizontal mobile platforms." Mix "water" and "thorns".

17- Introduction "minor floating blocks" and "thorns maze."

18- Mix "thorn balls that turn" and "blocks maze."

19- Mix "button", "thorns", "block push", "thorn ball spins"

20- Introduction "mobile blocks"

21- Introduction "Water valve"

22- Introduction of "Boss Octopus". Mix "water", "fixed platform", "thorn", "floating block", "thorn ball spinning", "horizontal mobile floating block."

 End of the second of four dungeon.

WORLD 3 - Fire

23- Introduction of "jet fire", "hole with lava."

24- Introduction of "stone push the fire", "fire jet maze."

25- Introduction of "vertical moving jet of fire."

 26- Introduction of "moving lava rises."

27- Introduction of "vertical moving fire ball."

28- Introduction of "vertical mobile fire block." Mix "button", "block push", "thorn".

29- Introduction of "transitory fire jet."

30- Introduction of "fireballs that roll."

31- Introduction of "patfinder mobile platforms."

32- Introduction of "revolving fires."

33- Introduction of the "Boss of fire." Mix "vertical fire ball", "vertical moving jet of fire", "fire stones", "revolving ball of fire."

End of the third of four dungeon.

WORLD 4 - Electricity

34- Introduction of "horizontal mobile electric balls."

35. Mix "horizontal and vertical movable electrical balls".

36- Introduction "vertical jet mobile electricity".

37- Introduction "vertical mobile electricity ball". Mix "button", "block push."

38- Introduction "horizontal mobile electricity jet."

39- Introduction "horizontal mobile platform transitional", "fixed electricity barriers." Mix "lever".

40- Introduction "horizontal furniture electricity barriers."

41- Introduction "mobile electricity patfinder shots."

42- Introduction "maze of furniture electricity patfinder shots."

43- Introduction "maze of vertical mobile electricity jets."

44- Introduction "mobile vertical scenario." Last phase. Dungeon exit. Mix "thorn", "vertical electric ball", "block collapsing".

45- Returns to the beginning.

Developer Website:

Game in Newsground: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/669405
Game in App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id1006111149
Game in Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.adventureislands.dangerousdungeons

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