A other vision about story and narrative

When a game is good the story of save the princess may be sufficient.
However, we can differentiate story and narrative.
There is always a narrative behind a game. However, the story is often hidden.
In Chess game the narrative is important. However, the story which occurs with pawns, bishops, kings and horses is not important.
With others puzzle and adventure games occurs something similar.
This division between story and narrative is useful to distinguish what is more important in a story for a game. 
That is, between what works and what just fills space.
The traditional stories can be narrated with words, sounds, images, animations and videos.
However, the narrative is broader than story.
There are other ways of telling stories.
And games is one.
In a film, story and narrative are combined.
In a game, story and narrative are separated.
In a game, the developer can create the elements of stories and narratives.
But, it is always the players who create the final narrative.
The narrative and story of a game may be hidden in the Game Play and Level Design itself: 
I pass a stage, what will happen then?
I won a gun, what will I can make then?
I killed a boss, what will happen then?
Note that the stories itself is not important, but yes what they can do.
For example, with this graphic you know that retention and progression is much important. 
Source: http://www.gamerefinery.com
So, your story and possible narratives is able to help this?
I think that between guessing and data, better you pay more attention to data.
And no matter if it's Iphone or 2015. Because the probability that this is same more important is higher than any guesses.
Also no matter whether it is Premium or F2P. Retention it is much important in both.
Because a game that does not retain the user is a bad game.
However, if your goal is to sell a game that players play only 10 minutes, ok, disregard the chart.
This is not an absolute truth. It is only a way to make better decisions.
One way or another, is always better pay attention to what is most important and probable, and pay less attention to what not is much relevant and improbable.
This is basic for those who need to perform many different functions and can not see become expert at all.
Pareto principle - roughly 80% of the results come from 20% of the work.
Visual Novels the story is really important. But, maybe a little less than the story with better graphics. 
Better graphics are graphics with harmony of colors and shapes.
No matter whether it is 3d, vector or pixel art.
What matters is knowing how to do this much well as write a story.
Story and ideas, can you imagine any fantasy in your head.
Write this is another reality. Draw this is another reality.
Turn all this into code also is another reality.
A comma out of place no longer works.
How much more complex, more harder and more bugs.
Then, if you are good only with stories, better write a book.
Or find someone to do all the rest of about 94% of game. 
Because, a paper or text can accept everything. However, a game and gamers, no.

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